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We are the premier custom designer of boat pads online today. We help boat owners reclaim the lost space on their boats by providing hand crafted boat sun pads designed to provide comfort and functionality.

Many larger boats often have vast areas above the bow. These spaces are usually covered with a no-skid surface and provide little or no comfort for a sunbather on your boat.

Boat manufacturers do not offer these boat pads as an option. They are usually ordered after the boat has been purchased from a specialty vinyl shop located in the area. This meant you needed to take your boat to be measured at their location.

We can construct a set of boat pads complete with built-in pillows, drink holders, and custom carry case designed exclusively for your boat. We use only the best materials for our products which means longer life and product durability.

Sun Pads For Your Boat

The best part of all is that we can create your boat pads without ever seeing your boat. We use a state of the art template system which means you can leave your boat at home and order online.

There's no need to store these boat pads while underway as they snap to your boat using high quality stainless steel snaps. When your done using your boat simply un-snap them from the deck and stow them away in their handy carry case.

We offer a warranty on all our products against material defects and craftsmanship.

If you need more information about our products please feel free to contact us so that we may answer all your questions about our custom designed sun pads for your boat.

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